Businesses of all sizes and stages have had to pivot, recenter and refocus (often multiple times) throughout this pandemic, and as we move toward our new normal, there are many lessons to be learned and shared.

We're excited to be back live and in-person this year and hope you'll join us for networking, a meal and an educational presentation by our keynote speaker.

Upcoming Events

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Louisville, KY | April 26, 2022

Indianapolis, IN | April 28, 2022

Long Island, NY | May 3, 2022

Brooklyn, NY | May 4, 2022

Manhattan, NY | May 5, 2022

Columbus, OH | May 9, 2022

Cleveland, OH | May 10, 2022

Detroit, MI | May 12, 2022s

Atlanta, GA | May 17, 2022

Details Coming Soon

Denver, CO

Houston, TX

Miami, FL

Milwaukee, WI

Phoenix, AZ

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